Canvas Conversion Kit OTO

There is One Canvas Conversion Kit Front End Offer and Two One Time Offers. The 1st Canvas Conversion Kit OTO is Platinum Package. The Second and Last One Time Offer is Graphic Bundle. Please see all details about Front End and all the links below!

Canvas Conversion Kit OTO

Canvas Conversion Kit Front End:

Canvas Conversion Kit OTO 1 (Platinum):

OTO 2 (Graphic Bundle):

Canvas Conversion Kit Details

Here’s what inside the package:
1. 40 FB Canvas Templates
2. 40 FB Ads Templates
3. 20 IG Stories Templates
4. 6 Count Down Timer Templates
5. 10 Lowerthird Video Templates
6. 10 Promo Product Templates

Benefit When Using Facebook Canvas:
Consumer Brands
Facebook Canvas is ideal for consumer-facing brands where emotion tends to play a bigger part in successfully establishing a brand in your customer’s psyche.

Brand Awareness
The interactive media, delivered at hyper-speed, make Canvas the perfect way to introduce people to new people to brands, new product lines, and other new offers.

User Engagement
Early signs point to Canvas significantly increasing mobile engagement. Give you a chance to get your message across before the user is on to the next one.

E commerce Conversions
Canvas offers the ability to incorporate a single, clickable CTA, browse products and view individual ones in detail before clicking a button to purchase on their website.

Step 1: Choose
Choose One Of Our Proven High-Quality and High Converting Templates

Step 2: Customize
Customize Every Aspects of Your Design: Color, text, graphic, video and more

Step 3: Export
Save Your Design and Upload It To Your Facebook Fan page

Let’s REVIEW What You’ll Get Today:
Module #1 – 40 Facebook Canvas Templates ($47 Value)
Module #2 – 40 Facebook Ads Templates ($47 Value)
Module #3 – 20 IG Stories Video Templates ($37 Value)
Module #4 – 6 Countdown Timer Templates ($17 Value)
Module #5 – 10 Lower Third Video Templates ($27 Value)
Module #6 – 10 Promo Product Video Templates ($27 Value)
Bonus #1 – Corporate PPT Templates – White ($27 Value)
Bonus #2 – Corporate PPT Templates – Black ($27 Value)
Bonus #3 – Explainer Video Templates ($27 Value)
Bonus #4 – Intro Video Templates ($27 Value)
Bonus #5 – Outro Video Templates ($27 Value)
Bonus #6 – Typography & Slideshow ($27 Value)
Bonus #7 – Social Media Video Templates ($27 Value)
Bonus #8 – SVG Characters ($27 Value)

Total Value Of This Incredible Package:

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