Content Artemis OTO 1st and 2nd – BOTH OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Content Artemis OTO 1st and 2nd: There is a front end version and two OTOs aka One Time Offers. The 1st Content Artemis OTO is The Domain Method, the 2nd Content Artemis OTO is The Social Method, there are no other Content Artemis OTO Down Sells. The product is by Walt Bayliss and Simon Warner. All the links >>>

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Both Content Artemis OTO Links Below

OTOs Require Front End to Work Properly

Front End:
=>> Content Artemis

OTO 1 (The Domain Method):
=>> Content Artemis OTO 1

OTO 2 (The Social Method):
=>> Content Artemis OTO 2

Content Artemis Details

Effortlessly Build Your Authority,
Bring Free Traffic To Your Offers,
Get More Traction On Social Media,
Generate More Hotter Leads,
Build Brand Awareness & Create Loyal Fans,
Make Your Prospects Know Like & Trust You More,
Rank Higher On Google & Get Better SEO,
Save Money On Your Marketing,
Make Perfect Shareable Content In Just Minutes,
Never Have To Write ANYTHING Yourself,
Effortlessly Add Images & Video With Nothing To Pay,
Share On Blogs, Websites, Social Media, Email & More.

Making The Perfect Article With Content Artemis Is Like Grilling The Perfect Brisket:
Step #1 – Get The Perfect Cut Of Prime Copy: It uses its advanced AI to go hunting for ONLY the juiciest content your prospects are going to love. Giving you only the highest ranking, most relevant copy to your keywords. So you can choose the hottest articles And drive your content to align your brand message and even your buyer’s journey for extra success,
Step #2 – Bring The Heat With Some Killer Images: Click on the most eye-catching, attention-grabbing images that breathe life into your content. Integrating seamlessly with PixaBay, it is going to find you the perfect images to get your message across every time. No hassle, no cost, no legal issues,

Step #3 – Add some extra spice with high-converting video content: We all know that video is one of the highest converting mediums online. With it, you can add awesome videos to your articles, without having to lift a finger to edit or ever have the stress of appearing on camera,
Step #4 – Perfect Your Flavor And Add Any Special Ingredients: Here’s where you can get creative and make your perfect content recipe. And if you don’t want to do the mixing yourself. Let Spin Rewriter do the hard work and mix it all up automatically for you. Seamlessly integrated as standard, Spin Rewriter will make sure that your content is bespoke, perfectly suited to you and your brand and totally unique And you’ll never have to worry that Google will penalize you – as everything you make with Content Artemis is completely new, spun, and mixed up to the perfect recipe for you and your audience. So you benefit from all that profit-making Google SEO love.

9 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Be Without it:
Reason #1 – You’ll Generate More And Hotter Leads: When your audience views your content created with it, they’re more likely to purchase from you in the future. “The more delighted a visitor is with your free, useful content, the more likely they are to click your call-to-action and move onto your offers.” HubSpot,
Reason #2 – You’ll Get More Likes, Follows And Shares On Social Media: Regularly sharing content from it helps your business gain traction on social media,
Reason #3 – Your Audience Will Trust You More: And we all know that we buy from people who we know, like and trust. When you create value without taking anything in return, your audience is more likely to trust your advice and recommendations,

Reason #4 – You’ll Get Better Conversions: Remember Neil Patel and Aberdeen say that conversion rates are 6x higher when you use content marketing. The content you make and share with it reduces doubt and resistance to buy from your audience. Giving them more positive associations needed to make an informed purchase,
Reason #5 – You Build Your Authority In Your Niche: Quickly turning you into an industry expert. Your content quickly created with it is going to show off your expertise and establish your business as a credible place,
Reason #6 – Your Business Will Rank Higher On Google: The content you make and share with Content Artemis will help you be more visible online and make you rank higher in search engines,

Reason #7 – You’ll Build Brand Awareness And Create Loyal FANS: All the people who raved about your content and associated all those great feelings to your brand are very likely to become brand advocates before ever purchasing your product,
Reason #8 – Your Audience Will Stick Around And Keep Paying For Longer: The content you create with it will create positive RECURRING experiences for your potential customers and compel them to keep coming back for more,

Reason #9 – You’ll Actually Save Money On Your Marketing Strategy: HubSpot says that content marketing has remained first the most cost-effective marketing strategy available over the past 10 years And that’s WITHOUT it. Remember, upfront costs for content marketing are normally pretty expensive – (from $150 to $3,000 a post). Unless you want to do it all yourself – and let’s face it – who has the time for that?. Yet HubSpot says that even with THESE costs ^^ when compared to paid advertisements, video marketing, and traditional marketing, content wins the battle every time.

Would YOU Like 6x Higher Conversion Rates:
If you answered yes, in just a few short moments, I’m going to show you how YOU can get those sort of conversion rates for yourself. Without EVER: Having to write ANYTHING yourself. Create or pay for a single image… Make a video or ever have to step foot on camera. All completely legally And created and shared and out there multiplying your conversions in literally MINUTES.

There’s No Denying That Content Is King:
But For Just The Next 60 Seconds, Let’s Talk About Why We DON’T Do Enough Content Marketing. Even Though It’s So Profitable / Effective.

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