Vidinflux OTO

Vidinflux OTO, DownSell and Front End: The front end offer of Vidinflux is Basic/Deluxe versions, the 1st Vidinflux OTO is Treasure Box, 2nd OTO is Done For You Packages with Monthly and Yearly Options, 3rd OTO is Reseller Package, You can sell it and keep 100% of the profit. Please see all the details and links below!

Vidinflux OTO

Vidinflux Front End (Basic / Deluxe):

Vidinflux OTO 1 (Treasure Box):

DownSell 1 (Vidinflux Treasure Box Downsell):

OTO 2 (Vidinflux DFY Monthly / Yearly):

DownSell 2 (Vidinflux DFY Downsell):

OTO 3 (Vidinflux Small / Mega Resellers Package):

Vidinflux Front End – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux Front End:
Get Organic & Fast Free Traffic On Demand, Captivate Visitors & Grab Attention Until They Click And Buy, Get Crazy Results Without Your Own Video, Special Limited Time Commercial License So You Can Make $200 – $500 Starting Today, Create & Publish Amazing Social Videos Like Big Social Influencers Do..On Autopilot, Cloud Based Software – No Installation Or Download Needed

Get Mass Control Over HUGE Audiences With This One Simple Software..
Step 1 – Create Attention Getting Social Videos In 1 minute,
Step 2 – Publish For Easy Traffic From Facebook
Step 3 – Set On Autopilot For Each Campaign To Run For You

Tap Into BILLIONS OF Video Visitors Using Special Social Videos That VidInflux Creates In 1 MINUTE!
Drop dead attention getting & effective Social Videos In seconds, ZERO Graphical Or Technical Skills Required, FREE Viral & Organic Facebook Traffic (500,000,000 Daily Users Watch Video), 100% Newbie-Friendly, Drag, Drop & Publish, Looks PERFECT On Mobile (everyone gets this wrong), Set CAMPAIGNS on Autopilot, Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Up time*…

Vidinflux OTO 1 – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux OTO 1:
Make 3x MORE Money, Get 1,000% MORE Traffic & Engagement INSTANTLY Without Changing A Damn Thing!
Unbox Our Special Treasure Box That Gets You MORE Reach, Gives You MORE Automation And Makes You Look MORE Professional.

Live Video Is Statistically PROVEN To Beat Non Live Video 100% Of The Time Resulting In More Traffic, Engagement & Sales INSTANTLY.

Facebook lives videos are watched 3x LONGER than “non live” videos, 67% of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a live video vs a non live video, 79% of viewers feel that live video is more interactive and more “personal”, leading to better trust and more clicks,

Using Live Video Allows You To Get REAL TIME User Feedback, Facebook Paid Publishers And Celebrities $50 Million To Use Facebook Live, which means that they PROMOTE live videos hard, resulting in MORE traffic, Live videos get 10x MORE comments than normal videos. The Potential Is INSANE..But We Made It Even BETTER.

Go LIVE from the dashboard In 1 click & EXPLODE reach & clicks, Auto reply to comments and EXPLODE engagement & sales, 20 PROFESSIONAL “Live” Design Template + Upgraded Canvas System, Limited time bonus – Step by step FB live training…

Vidinflux DownSell – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux DownSell 1:
Go LIVE from the dashboard In 1 click & EXPLODE reach & clicks, Auto reply to comments and EXPLODE engagement & sales…

Vidinflux OTO 2 – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux OTO 2:
Get Traffic 8X Faster & Have Everything Completely Done For You. Our DFY Club Makes Sure You Are Handed With DOZENS Of Captivating & Traffic Sucking Social Templates That Are PROVEN To Get Results!

Starting today, you can get 35 DONE FOR YOU, Professional, fully fledged social video templates you can load into a video in 1 click. NO Mistakes, NO Testing, NO Wasting Time!

This Is Completely DONE FOR YOU, Currently In 9 Niches, More Niches Are Added ALL The Time, Sports, Health, Make Money, Education, Travel, E com, Home Loan, Beauty, Pet Care, Webinar, Giveaways

We Used Them On Our Main Case Study Which You Can Find Inside VidInflux Get Results 800% FASTER.

Here’s everything you get: 35 kick ass templates that captivate, get traffic and get shared. 0 work needed, 10+ templates delivered to you every month (120/year), BONUS – Agency license allowing giving you 5/10 more accounts to do whatever you want with…

Vidinflux DownSell 2 – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux DownSell 2:
Get The DFY Templates For A LOW One Time Price (NOT MONTHLY!)
Here’s everything you get: 35 kick ass templates that captivate, get traffic and get shared. 0 work needed…

Vidinflux OTO 3 – View it Here >>>

Vidinflux OTO 3:
Add An Extra $100,000 To Your Bottom Line With The APS Without Any Extra Work!

I will Build You A HUGE Buyers List And Show You How To Become A Super Affiliate!

I’m willing to give you UNLIMITED reseller rights to take VidInflux, Upgrade #1 and The Templates From Upgrade #2 and SELL UNLIMITED copies of it, keep 100% of profits and build a HUGE buyers list easily!

In order to build a big buyers list you want your product to have the following elements, ALL of them (if you want it to sell like hotcake): High quality product, Tested, Hot niche, Hot angle, Hot copy, Hot funnel, Results, Proven to sell, Testimonials, Be an expert

Normally It Takes Months To A YEAR To Create, Test, Perfect & Get Results With. We’ve DONE It All For You…

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